Nesli is a multimedia storyteller based in Los Angeles and Istanbul. She was born in Columbus, Ohio and received a MFA from the University of Southern California’s Animation & Digital Arts program. Her interdisciplinary projects combine her passions for documentary filmmaking, performance art, and interactive technology. Her background in dance and political science enhance and inform her technique as an experimental animator. By utilizing multi-media platforms to showcase her art, she strives to foster environments that engage audiences. As a lead technical creative at VRSE, a virtual reality company in Hollywood California, Nesli helmed the technical infrastructure needed to streamline 360˚ stereoscopic virtual reality footage. Her work for VICE News, United Nations, Smuggler, and National Geographic not only produced award-winning films, but also paved way for further collaborations with directors like Andrew Thomas Huang, for Björk’s, “Stonemilker” virtual reality music video, and Guy Shelmerdine’s, “Catatonic.” After leaving Los Angeles for Istanbul, her desire to expand the lexicon of creative storytelling in virtual reality was replaced with a desire to augment her existing reality. Nesli traded her head mounted display for a head-scarf. Wait! What!!!! Just kidding. Anyway, her latest endeavours aim to heighten the quality of experiencing live events visually through audio and movement responsive technology. Her experience coordinating large scale event Rhythm & Visions (outdoor audio-visual festival), in addition to creating content for live-projection mapping events, provides a purposeful focus in her quest to make immersive experiences come to life. Nesli’s previous cinematic exploits help guide her as she treads new territory on the streets of Kadikoy, Istanbul.